Sunday, May 1, 2016

Worst Video Game - #RubberOnionBattle

Hey guys,

For April the theme for #RubberOnionBattle was 'Worst Video Game'.
You can see my submission on Instagram and or embedded below.

I decided to try an animation in the style of a video game from yesteryear.

It was my first time working in Pixel Art (thanks to the Pixel Tools v2 extension), I enjoyed it and found it to be pretty forgiving. You can download Pixel Tools v2 at Newgrounds.

Walk Cycle... what Walk Cycle?
I decided that not having a walk cycle animation would help crown this as the worst Video Game.

Look out for the compilation video featuring all the submissions coming soon.

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After-Dinner Jazz by mathgrant
I was searching for Chiptunes tracks on the Free Music Archive and was thrilled to find this piece. It's perfect as I was looking for something casual and non-epic. It has a real catchy bounce to it.

Thank you mathgrant!!

You can hear the full track or listen to other tracks by mathgrant at the links below.

After-Dinner Jazz (mathgrant) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

My development work:
Here are the development sketches and some experiments with Pixel Art.
Pixel Art:
I used Pixel Tools v2 as a clean up tool for my rough animation... although the final version doesn't have any character animation. 

Don't blink!

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