About this Blog
I started "The Jeff Cook Cartoon Blog" towards the end of 2007 as a place for my drawings and animations, as Art and Animation blogs were really booming at the time.

Then in 2009 as I started to work on independent animations. I think of this as a production blog where you can follow my progress on different projects and get a 'behind the scenes' look at my work.

In 2011, I accidentally (read: Stupidly) Deleted all the Images from the Site via my Smart Phone. Smart phone, not a Smart User.

After some serious Downtime, I relaunched in the Blog in Late 2012 as "Jeff Cook and the Cartoons". I decided to scrap most of the Older Posts in lieu of Uploading the Lost Images again.

Jump to 2016 after taking a break from drawing. I have moved my posts to my Aperture Jam blog as most of my online accounts are using this handle. I can't promise any regular updates though.

I hope you can enjoy my Blog in whatever form it takes.

Why Aperture Jam?
I have spent several years working as a Projectionist in the dying years of 35mm Film Projection. Apart from the Film 'Head Wraps' (or 'Brain Wraps'), another common problem with certain Projectors, was when a piece of equipment called an Aperture Plate would seize up and jam during a Lens transition.

I thought Aperture Jam had a nice ring to it and so the name Stuck.

Key Posts
3-01-10 - A Creative Suite
A brief detailing of the open source and freeware programs I use to make art and animation.

Jeff Cook

Last Updated  February 6, 2016