Saturday, April 9, 2016

Robot Coworker - #RubberOnionBattle


The March theme for #RubberOnionBattle was 'Robot Coworker'.
You can see my clip on Instagram or

March had 9 entrants, which you can check out in the compilation below. They're all great and worth checking out.

My Development:

Pencil sketches from the beginning of March. I looked at Chef Skinner from Ratatouille for inspiration of the Head Chef. I was also thinking of celebrity Chefs during the design process.

Indie animator Rob Yulfo also picked that the Chefs dialogue was inspired by Doctor Zachary Smith from TV's 'Lost in Space'.

A layout of the kitchen scenes.

A layout of the Human Resources scene.

Bonus features:

You may have noticed that the kitchen hand is from my January clip 'Casual Friday gone wrong'.
He's had a change in career to a role where he is attempting to chop a Rubber Onion... I know, I know.

Outside the Human Resources meeting room there is a Comic book featuring 'Tom Plumb: Bathroom warrior'. Also known as one of the useless superheroes from February.

One of the looky-loos in the kitchen is this Rat, who is so chilled that he's in the exact same spot when we next return to the kitchen.

Fluffy Kitten Teamwork Motivational Poster


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