Friday, December 18, 2009

"El Terror De La Calamidad Abismo"

My poster entry for the MGM channels 'Tarantino video shop' competition.
View the winning entries here.
If you like Grindhouse posters and cheesy, sleazy VHS covers, then check out the winning entries (Several of them by one talented guy). They perfectly capture the essence of the genre.

While my design wasn't in the winning Top 10, I still managed to get a prize pack. Yay!
Also a free typo on the Winners page too :p

Translated as "The Terror of Calamity Chasm"
Unbelievable, Uncivilized, Undead!

Special thanks to my dad for telling me to add a scantily clad lovely to the design.

Next time I'll post some of the W.I.Ps and roughs from the development of the poster.


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