Saturday, April 25, 2009

High School daze: 'Infectious Happiness' Logos.

School Day logos. from Jeff Cook on Vimeo.

Heres some stuff from my high school days (2004), I was part of a passionate group of student film makers and during our final year in high school we managed to make 3 short films in our spare time. Those were crazy, brilliant times! We were an excited bunch led by a terrific, enthusiastic film teacher.
After high school we managed to meet up annually for the following 2 years to compete in 48hours Furious Filmmaking... Now THOSE were even crazier experiences, I think I still have the psychological scars from those.
Heres to the 'Infectious Happiness' team and the 5 films we made together!!

Anyhow these are the logos I made for the team.

Two of them were made in flash... flash 5 I believe.
Actually the bright orange logo was never used on any of our films... computer problems, format problems or stress? Ah well it never got used.
The other one was replacement animation made with construction paper cut-outs, it was a lot of fun to make this one and though its simple it is my favourite of the bunch.

Then lastly I included a shot from the title card of my work-in-progress film. Not much too it except it's meant to be a throwback to retro animation where the cartoon character is introduced on a title card filling the screen.

Ah memories...

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