Saturday, February 6, 2016

2016 - #RubberOnionBattle


It's me... with my first blog post since the end of 2012.
In short, I'm starting to feel creative again for the first time in many years. :D

I've also updated the URL of this blog to be more in line with my other social media accounts.

Freelance animator Stephen Brooks aka Rubber Onion decided to "throw down" an animation challenge to animator Rob Yulfo but soon invited anyone who wanted to participate.

So for January 2016, we got the first #RubberOnionBattle. It was a lot of fun, especially because it got me creating a little short of my own.

Basically, anyone who wanted to participate could. They had to create a 15 second short before the end of January and upload it to instagram. The theme of the shorts was Casual Friday gone wrong.

Check out my short below and compilation of Januarys entries below that.

Casual Friday gone wrong.

RubberOnionBattle Jan 2016

The February challenge is now underway and you can find details on Twitter and Instagram
Join in.

My Development work:

See the Rough layout and the final frames.
I've left the edges of the image in so can see where the background gets cropped in the final animation.

There were originally going to be more gags, both in the animation and scattered throughout the background but I felt the scene was getting too busy and cluttered.

I was sad to cut the Rubber Ducky as well as a potential action figure from the desk.

In fact the original punchline was going to involve electrocution but I decided to go lowbrow and lift a gag from Caddyshack instead. 


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