Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Star Wars Uncut - Empire (2012)


Today, from the files of the old and abandoned...

I found some of my old development work from the fan collaboration Star Wars: Empire uncut from back in 2012. 

So what is the project about?
Star Wars Uncut is a crazy fan mashup remake of the original Star Wars movies. It is the brainchild of Casey Pugh, a developer dedicated to creating interactive experiences on the web. In 2009, Casey was inspired to use the Internet and an ever-ready pool of passionate Star Wars fans to crowdsource the classic film Star Wars IV: A New Hope. This pet project turned into a labor of love and creativity on a large scale. Nearly a thousand fans came together to participate and the resulting movie is equal parts fun, kooky, and dearly nostalgic.

So, I picked 2 scenes and didn't get very far with either of them. It was a lot of fun though.

SC117 - "Why do we have to cut these things so damn close?".

This scene was from the Battle of Hoth.
I had the idea of using dialogue from Back to the Future with Luke McFlywalker joining the battle in a souped-up Delorean.

Here's a clip of the Lip-Sync along with some concept art.


This was a scene with Luke and Yoda on the Dagobah system.
Basically just Luke walking around and Yoda frowning and looking disappointed.

This scene didn't get further than rotoscoping over frames from The Empire Strikes Back.

Luke Skywalker rotoscoped for Empire Uncut. Or The Seven Skywalkers.

Here is a teaser trailer for Empire uncut... You can also watch the full Star Wars and Empire uncut films online.

Hopefully they announce Star Wars: Jedi Uncut in the near future as I've got some unresolved Star Wars business that I need to get out of my system.


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