Monday, November 12, 2012

Botur's Fight Squad

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In Mid 2010, local Writer, Michael Botur sent out a call for Illustrators to help visualize 'Botur's Fight Squad'. 333 superheroes and supervillains of the Fight Squad universe.

These were my contributions and interpretations of several Squad Members.

From left to right:
Rumrunner - A Cigar-chomping, Prohibition era Rum Smuggler.
Piebald - Unassuming Janitor with a penchant for spills and stubborn Stains.
The Challenger - Ultra Patriotic, Star spangled American Super Man.
Resident Weasel - An Egg stealing Weasel.
Escapegoat - The mountaineering Markhor.
Hellbender - A teleporting Salamander.

Other artists, specifically the talented Jon Kay, have profiled many of the other Fight Squaders but with many more illustrations to go, I certainly haven't seen the end of Fight Squad.

For more information:
Botur's Fight Squad Facebook Page.
Michael Botur's Tumblr
Jon Kay's Website

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