Friday, May 21, 2010

Preview Clip

Here is a shot from my short cartoon "An Eye for an Aye-Aye". You can see the original pencil test, followed by the final composite. This was a slightly more complicated shot to put together as I ended up with the following layers:
  1. Tim Portans
  2. The Branch
  3. Gun Smoke 
  4. Prop Shotgun (briefly)
  5. Background
I'm very happy with the way it's turned out.

This was created mostly with open source software, The sound effects are from

Thank you to gcmax, nthompson and Alienxxx for the sounds.


Carl said...

Haha very nice. It's fun to watch on a loop. What is that thing that he shot though?

Jeff Cook said...

Yea man I usually watch it a couple of times on a loop. Its a fallen tree branch.

James Sugrue said...

Pretty nifty man! Nice BG too!

Jeff Cook said...

Thanks James,
Hopefully in the future i can loosen up my style a bit too.