Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tim Portans - A bit more about him & his mouth.

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Today I give you an image showing some of the mouth shapes used in a speaking scene from my cartoon. I think it's been a while since I've had a post about Tim Portans, he's the main character which the storys point of view is mainly told from. He's a pilot who is stuck in a tree (a very tall Baobab tree mind you) and soon comes face to face with that pesky critter, The Aye-Aye.

 Tim Portans was designed and refined in 2007, He had some major facial reconstruction (a last minute Chin Change) before a "final" design was settled upon. I say "final" because I'm trying to keep his model fairly loose. You can see some of his earlier designs and model sheets in two of my early posts from 2007, Here and Here

I just want to mention somebody who has played a huge part in creating Tim Portans as a character. He is Joe Poole, one of the third year tutors I had at Freelance Animation School. Joe really helped work my concepts into the final model designs and then provided a voice which ultimately became the voice for Tim Portans. These are some of the things which cemented the character into place in my mind at a time when I didn't quite know what he was going to sound like. Unfortunately I won't be sharing the voice of Tim Portans anytime soon, that will have to wait until the project is near its completion.

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Gilbert said...

Yes Tim Portans the pilot stuck in the tree!!! Can't wait to watch it!